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Are you living your authentic life?

Hi, I'm Kelly Woods. I help successful Gen X women renew their energy, reclaim their sense of purpose, and remember who they are so they can go forward as their healthy, happy, best selves—with a life purpose that lights them up. 

I believe in the wisdom of our intuition and our bodies, and that we are all here for a reason, each of us part of a magnificent whole. 

My Authentic Life

You are not your circumstances even if it often feels that way. I have struggled to live my authentic life, and I am humbled and honored to serve other Gen X women as they find their way to theirs. 

My Authentic Life is a private online community for Gen X women in which members support each other on the journey from where they are to who they are. 

When you get in the flow, life feels almost effortless.

Trust the Process

1 NOTICE: You must see it to change it.

Check in with yourself. How are you feeling? Where are you getting in your own way? What’s working? What’s not working? Celebrate small wins, gentle progress. Release remorse and judgement; that energy can be better used. Be honest about the difference between effort and impact; go for impact. It just might be the path of least resistance.

2 IMAGINE: Your imagination is like rocket fuel.

You are using your imagination all day long; it’s the movie that’s playing in your head. What’s going on in this film? Rest assured, your film will play out in real life. Choose the joyful, life-affirming feel-good movie, not the horror film. Exercise your imagination in a way that makes you feel good. In what ways are you imagining pleasure in all its forms? Have fun with this!

3 TAKE ACTION: Take one small step.

Some of my favorite sentiments from the Lean process are, “Don’t boil the ocean,” and “Done is better than perfect.” This is a gentle reminder to see how taking one action feels. You don’t have to blow up your whole life to change it. Gently and honestly feel your way through it. How does it feel in your body? Pause and reflect. You are rebuilding trust with yourself. After you take an action, and notice its effects,  it’s time to go back to step one. We keep iterating on the process, and supporting each other through the blossoming of our authentic life.

Blood At the Root

Why Gen X Women Turned Off, And How We Catch Fire Again

I've written a book! It will be published by Lioncrest this summer.

Are you a Gen X woman who feels stuck in your hard-earned life of “success”? Do you long for something different—something more authentically yours?


After decades of climbing the corporate ladder, I found myself working in outpatient pharmaceuticals, which often “helps” patients by suppressing their symptoms instead of addressing the potential root causes: toxic food, toxic environments, and toxic emotions. 


Through a crisis of conscience, I turned away from that life, determined to find a better way to address what ails us.


Blood at the Root exposes the many ways in which Gen X women have been guinea pigs for the rise of pharmaceuticals and fake food—leaving us foggy, overfed, undernourished, disconnected, and deaf to the way our souls are inviting us to live.

If that still, small voice inside is calling you toward a more soul-directed, divine-connected, authentic life—if you’re not sure you can have what your heart longs for—Blood at the Root illuminates the path.